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No matter what profession you choose in life, your success will be determined  - 5% by your academic credentials, 15% by your professional experiences, and 80% by

your communication skills.

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Linking you to your customers - By Automatic Text & Video

E-Card Communication

The auto communication will contain:
A Customer Newsletter E-mailed plus a link

text to your

customers to view on their cell phone
Birthday Video E-card plus Text Message
Anniversary Video E-card plus Text Message
Monthly Product Video E-card

plus Text Message

PLUS the ability to send your own messages

to your customers!
You will be able to select specific people or

send a group text message.



We allow you to take the paper and computer work out of your office. When this happens, you can replace that time with Income Producing Activities.  Our goal is to give you guilt free family time. No more thinking about  ~“Did I remember my customers birthdays” ~each time you sit at your desk .


You will be able to focus on the important factors that help your business grow, concentrate on the people, customer numbers will grow and so will your team.  This allows you to reach personal goals much faster. With input from consultants, we have been able to develop a proven system.   


Delegating all the things that others can do for you allows you to earn more for your time. How much do you earn at a skin care class? $100 profit. Then your time is worth $50.00 a hour. We have heard over and over from Top Directors “GET HELP.”  Yet, we debate. 


Your  future is at skin care classes, not sitting in the office creating things or doing tasks.  Let us handle the penny jobs, so you can make the dollars and be able to have a greater impact with helping women become all they are created to be.  We are trained for your needs.  We have 20 years combined training. No time has to be taken out of your busy schedule to train us, nor do we use your computer, or energy .


Having an assistant is going to be amazing. You will love the increased contact with your customers, and you will see that they feel much closer to you.