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Unit Communication Rates

Each month, rates will adjust to your current "Actual" unit size. 

This allows you to be billed for the number of unit members you have.
This encourages you to build offspring. Unit size is determined by the "Actual" 
number of consultants located on "My Business" section of your Mary Kay InTouch.  Remember this includes the postal mailing plus FREE  E~cards with most services.
Should you choose us you may fill out form here or call

our office at 231-734-5948. 

You will receive $50 off your services for one month per sister director that you refer to us and who signs up for one of our packages!

A 30 days notice is due if you choose to discontinue our services, and we would appreciate feedback as to how we could better serve you to your satisfaction. Automatic monthly billing will be applied on your Mary Kay mid month payday. (Usually the 15th) Automatic monthly billing will be applied on the 15th of the month, prior to the month which services are to begin (Ex. November services will be billed in October).

There is a one-time non-refundable setup fee of $25.00 to be applied on your order date. 

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