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Annette Hazuka

Thank you so much, Shannon. Blessings to you for all you do to make our lives so much simpler! Wow, can't believe I used to try to do all this administrative and communication work myself =0

You all are amazing!


Christy Jordan

I wanted to let you all know at your office that our first month back has been AMAZING!! Our retention rate has improved tremendously and I know most of that is due to the work you all do!! We had 3 T’s place re-up orders and 5 I’d get active too!!! THATS A HUGE DEAL!!!! We are up 6% overall YTD and we were up a whopping 235% over last November!!! We doubled what we did in October!!! So THANK YOU FOR HELPING US HAVE A FANTASTIC NOVEMBER!!! 


Happy December!!! Love you ladies!❤️



Pam Salinas

I signed up for this service and love it! I love that UA does everything to set it up and sends scheduled texts and emails to my team and customers. Plus I can use at a click of a button to send to my team and customers special events, invites, promos the list goes on. No more copy and paste for me! Waste of time!!! I've received great feedback from both groups!
One more thing my assistant has access to it too! I can also upload prospects AND they have their own folder for quick access.



I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and your staff.  Thank you and I wish I had you 35 years ago!!!


Cindy Binns-Mendoza

I love these ladies because they are on top of my unit newsletter, and they are always cheering for me and my unit as we grow together with our business!


Ginger Rockett

Unit Assistant has been a blessing to me since I began utilizing their services a year and a half ago! No matter what's going on in my life, I know that my communication with my consultants and customers will being taken care of. I have saved so much time and money with Unit Assistant. I can spend more time now on the things that matter most. Our unit has had amazing growth and I feel that unit assistant plays a large part in that success!!

Paula_Tyree Bowman.jpg

Paula Tyree Bowman

If facebook would allow, I would give Shannon and her crew 6 stars! In the last 4 years of fighting autoimmune issues, a difficult pregnancy, and a blessing of a baby, we have experienced massive growth. I know that Unit Assistant's support has played a huge role in our success!


Norma Aveni

What a wonderful service you provide for us. You make it possible to keep me and all my Unit connected quickly to where they are in their business, all the new products, encouragement for their success and so much more and for me, your newsletter and support always leaves more room for everyone success. Can't say or thank you enough because there is so much more of what you do for me.


Amy Bowman

I love unit assistant!!! I'm having my BEST YEAR EVER after using their services since March 2016! They make me look So Good to my unit... top 5 gifts...Star Consultant rewards... mailing my beautiful newsletter! Plus... I love using the text my unit service whenever needed! 
And... they've created special flyers and postcards when needed!


Sr Director Lynne M Nelson

OMG!  I am just blown away at the new consultant packet!  Just amazed at you people!  SO fantastic and professional and made into a BOOK!  How much are they?  Could I order some sent to my recruiters to let them see what their people will get?  Just the best....your organization and people are truly the best.  

I have been a director in Mary Kay for 25 1/2 years (6 months after I joined) and I have NEVER dealt with such professional, truly helpful people in my Mary Kay life. 

How could I ever tell what you do for me?  

Skeptics would have a hard time believing me.  They would say, "Hmmmm.  High "I" personality.  Always excited and effusive."  But I learned a long time ago, you have to be mentally stable to run a successful business by yourself, out of your home.  This is no walk in the park.   I am double degree'd out of UCSD and have owned and operated my own television station and was a Securities Principal in the financial markets, and had a clothing design factory in Mexico.  I am impressed with

Unit Assistant.


Sr Director Lynne M Nelson

I got 2 calls this morning from clients that appreciated the text from you (me)!  I can't wait to see what this produced over time! 


Suzanne Tillman

Thank you for all you have done since Feb. Our unit is performing at a higher level than in the past. I believe it is directly connected to your services. I can't wait to see you at Seminar.


Lissette Arroyo-Ortiz

Your office staff always does a fantastic job in putting the newsletters together at 1st try.  I appreciate you!
Thanks for all you do and your standard of excellence!!


Independent Sales Director 

Thank you so much, I appreciate all that you are doing to make me look great!!! Best customer service ever!!! 100% Satisfied and I have tried many different virtual assistant type companies thru the years!

Mary_Pat Ferrio.jpg

Mary Pat Ferrio

Thank you for your great service! I have consultants thanking ME for their gifts and postcards and birthday wishes.
Thank you for MY birthday gift!  It was an awesome surprise!


Kerri D'Esposito

Hi! I just wanted to let you all know how pleased I am with the text messaging system so far. It seems to be really working well, and I think the personalization is a big part of it.
So glad I added this service! Thanks so much for just being a wonderful "assistant" for my business.




I thought you might like to see how Judith likes the newsletter. :)
And...just so you know...I haven't heard from her since last year...2014
Thank you!!! You are awesome!!! 


Diane Burton

I love how you make me look so good as a Director!! I love how you text my unit, send them their prizes, create a beautiful newsletter, send postcards - you take care of the "busy work" so I can focus on being productive! 


Barbara Peterson

To Shannon and Staff - Thank YOU so much for all you do for me.  I am definitely computer challenged, but you are enabling me to keep my unit functioning at a very competitive level.  You are simply “THE BEST”.  Feel free to tell any potential clients about me and the success I continue to have because of your help.  I am 74 years old, built my unit in Massachusetts and they are still there.  I am in Las Vegas because we moved here 5 years ago when my husband retired!  I am successful still in part because of the great help you give me through your services!!  THANK YOU!!!



Farrah Fontaine 

Hi Shannon Schmidt and the Unit Assistant team! Things are getting back to normal for us in South Florida that went through Hurricane Irma and I just wanted to publicly thank all of you for being amazing and keeping my customers and consultants engaged when I could not. I"m so grateful for the Unit Assistant team!

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 5.48.12 PM.jpg

Sally Davidson

Thanks Unit my newsletter went out to customers and I received 3 orders within minutes....glad I signed up for this service to my customers.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 5.48.12 PM.jpg

Margo Hunter



Thank you so much !!! It exceeded all my expectations

*regarding a custom flyer design

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