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Birthday Card

Option A: Happy Birthday Card - colorful card hand signed with your 

personal signature. Includes a magnet as a special gift from you. 


bday eng.jpg



Option B: Happy Birthday Postcard - beautiful postcard, personalized with mailing label that includes your picture.


Anniversary Card

Option A: Happy Anniversary Card - colorful card hand signed with your 

personal signature. Includes a magnet as a special gift from you. 


ann eng.jpg



Option B: Happy Anniversary Postcard - elegant postcard, personalized with mailing label that includes your picture.


Thank You Postcard

Sent to those who ordered in the previous month. This postcard includes a thank you for ordering along with the latest InTouch information.


Status Postcards

A postcard is mailed at the beginning of each month letting

consultants know what status they are currently.

The A3 Postcard acts as a gentle reminder to place an

order soon to keep the current discount privilege. Includes their Consultant ID.

The I1, I2 and I3 Postcards are printed with a

sample order, for $225 wholesale. Includes their Consultant ID.

The T1 Postcard eagerly lets them know that they are important to you and you do not want to lose them! It also contains quick directions on how to place an order and offers your assistance. Includes their Consultant ID.




Consistency Postcard

Tracking this program is provided.

We track your winners and send the gifts for you!
Personalized with your mailing label.


Star Postcard

Keep your consultants updated on their STAR status with this Star Postcard.

Sent to anyone with $400 or above. Congratulate them on their total contest credit so far and let them know how far they have to go to reach their star goal!

SAPPHIRE    1228

RUBY             1828

DIAMOND    2428

EMERALD    3028

PEARL           4228

Congratulations Shannon

On your total contest credit!



Last Month Correspondence

Option A: Includes Look Book, sample, a 6x9 postcard with a personal letter inviting her back, and sharing how much she was missed along with a sample order and a personalized label from the director. Includes their Consultant ID.

*Service includes putting packets together, getting to the post office.

*Postage is charged separate for each packet that is mailed.

Last Month Packet

Option B: Special Last Month Postcard, directs them to your marykay.com web-site to see all the new products and updates. Includes their Consultant ID.


Recruiter Checklist

Congratulate your consultant on growing her team with 

this 6x9 Recruiter Checklist Postcard. Includes a cheklist

on the back to help keep her/him on track.



Man in Your Life Postcard

Send this thoughtful postcard to your consultant for her to give

to the man in their life. This postcard contains a special

note from you to show how excited you are.